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Hot Donnas take us to Dirty Paradise with their highly energetic new album

If you haven’t yet heard of Dunedin-based band Hot Donnas, we’ll be glad to fix this for you. The four-piece have just released their new album Dirty Paradise; an eight-track collection of jangly, garage gems.

The exciting Aus-punk meets alt-surf-rock sounds of Hot Donnas’ latest album Dirty Paradise will have you more than just tapping your foot.

Right from the album’s first track, My House is a Hotel, Hot Donnas bring crazy high energy, which continues throughout the duration of the record. You can instantly hear surf rock vibes mixed with hectic Aussie punk, and interestingly there are some subtle references to Aussie hip hop sprinkled throughout the album too.

Next comes a surprise – Squares is somehow even higher energy than the previous track. This is followed by the banger Flip which grabs your attention straight away with that drum intro and a super neat guitar line that is the riff equivalent of a cheeky side smile, and the boys stay cheeky for Friends with Benefits.

Oh so Wise was the first single released from the album and touches on the unglamorous struggles of student life in Dunedin in a light-hearted fashion. Check out the video below:

We next get hit by the fun swing of Lisa Donna, and we challenge you not to move during this track. Not possible.

Hot Donnas then take us on a wild ride with, Mess on Earth. To put it blatantly, this track makes you feel fuck yeah I can do anything kind of vibes. It’s all about the clever use of space, changing up the chords so you never know quite what’s going to happen, and a killer main riff. Not to mention, the instrumental bridge gets HECTIC.

Dirty Paradise wraps up with another banger, Yellow Shirt, and it just feels so right to close on this high energy and fun note! This track also makes those hip hop influences slightly more apparent and again, a totally dope riff.

Overall Hot Donnas have developed a super unique sound for themselves, not just from their cocktail of genres but also coming from the little production choices. We strongly recommend making this record the soundtrack of your afternoon!

Listen to Dirty Paradise above.