Watch Bleeding Knees Club perform their high attitude track No Strings live at Enmore Audio

We can’t help but love the high energy vibes from Bleeding Knees Club. They’re filled with honesty, grit, and a zero tolerance for bad attitude policy, what’s not to like?

The boys popped into Enmore Audio this week to record a live version of their track No Strings. Check it out today.

Bleeding Knees Club showcase their energetic live presence performing their track No Strings live at Enmore Audio.

The boys will be playing live at Twilight at Taronga supporting the Hoodoo Gurus Saturday Feb 8 and Sunday Feb 9. Unfortunately BKC are in such high demand that if you haven’t already got tickets, you’re going to be disappointed. Both shows are already sold out.

Bleeding Knees Club claim their genre to be “thrash pash gash rash.” Curious as to what this is? You’ll find out below.

If you’re anything like the band, you won’t let anyone tell you what to do, but we strongly advise you check out Bleeding Knees Club performing No Strings below. If you’re digging it what the boys are putting out, they have a whole new album Fade the Hammer, out on all platforms, released in October 2018.

Bleeding Knees Club live

Sat 8 Feb – Twilight At Toronga w/ The Hoodoo Gurus
Sat 9 Feb – Twilight At Toronga w/ The Hoodoo Gurus