The Lost Knights run us through their latest video Smile

I need you to smile, I need you to smile. These were the lyrics that choked up the lead singer of The Lost Knights, Terry when he began singing along to the storytelling piano piece that Jesse had composed. The song Smile happens to be an upsetting yet touching request from someone who is no longer reachable.

The poem is being sung by this loved one which is intended to bring comfort to the listener. It’s also sentimental to the band, as they’ve all lost people close to them but it brought heartache when they could imagine themselves departed and singing to someone special, who could no longer see them.

Fresh off the release of their latest single Smile, Brisbane outfit The Lost Knights give us a peek inside the process that formed that song’s video clip.

This song is missing all of the Knight’s typical instruments that are heard in most their songs, instruments that would have made for a great film clip but the band agreed this song needed and deserved a visual campaign.

In the five years of the band releasing music together, this is indeed the song that had the band at STL studios writing ardently together to complete the lyrics on paper. The lads all became passionate about the lyrics and collaborated to ensure the words chosen would encapsulate their story perfectly when performed.

Terry Greisbach (Lead Singer). “The Lost Knights are proud of the song and what it means to each of us. So we knew when we decided this would be one of our songs that deserves a story of splendid visuals, we would ask HNIMP to deliver them. The clip simply had to move people in a way that the song moved us when we were in fact at a distance from our family and friends tracking the song.”

David (Founder). “The Lost Knights approached HNIMP with a great song and, most importantly, a powerful story. It’s always a treat to try and take a song to another level through their marriage with visual. I was blessed to work with such naturally talented and charismatic actors like Max, Michael, Matthew & Theo. We all really came together to do the song justice. It was a challenging concept to pull off without coming across forced. The song, and the actors, gracefully delivered the message and leave you with only your thoughts and reflection afterwards.”

Max Croes (Actor). “I knew when I read the story that we (Max & Michael) could pull it off as we get along great and combined with the director’s vision we could make it work. I’m really proud of what we made and it fits the song and vibe really well.

Smile is available now. Watch the video clip above.