Farmer & The Owl Festival announce on-site vinyl haven The Record Room

Upcoming festival, Farmer & The Owl has announced a brand new feature coming to their 2019 event. The Record Room promises to be a place where you can hear, rummage and discover some of the best vinyl releases from a stack of our favourite indie labels.

Spunk Records, Rice Is Nice, Pieater, Hotel Motel, Bedroom Suck, Our Golden Friend and Farmer & The Owl will be there hosting stalls representing their artists. MusicFarmers will also be there, covering “releases from artists across the line up and a specially curated selection of must have vinyl from some the world’s best indie record labels”.

farmer & the owl festival record room
Photo: Dani Hansen

The Record Room will be the place to be for indie lovers to explore and expand their vinyl collection at the upcoming Farmer & The Owl Festival.

The space within the Salt Building will also feature the best indie tunes being spun by the best vinyl DJs in Wollongong. So, you can wrap your ears around those sweet, sweet sounds before you spend all your cash building the vinyl collection of your dreams.

“Spunk Records, Rice Is Nice and Our Golden Friend will spin some of their favourite tunes alongside local vinyl DJ favourites Catman, Chelsea Dagger, Sultans Of Spin and Honeybear.”

If, like me, you’ve ever wished you could pick up something from all your favourite festival artists on site, then you’ll know that this is a pretty bloody good opportunity to expand your collection.

Farmer & The Owl Festival takes place Saturday March 2nd in McCabe Park, Wollongong. Grab your tickets here.