PREMIERE: COLU unveil their dark and immersive debut single SCHOLAR

Debut singles can be tough. Many bands take a while to land on a concrete, fully-formed sound, and therefore, debut releases often lack direction. Brisbane-based COLU, however, are not one of these bands.

On their debut single SCHOLAR, the two-piece have immediately established their penchant for crafting dark and immersive electro-hip-hop gems. It should go without saying that we’re stoked to be premiering it for you today.

With the release of their debut single SCHOLAR, Brisbane duo COLU have immediately established themselves as one of the most exciting emerging voices in Aussie music.

Throughout the new track’s punchy two-and-a-half minute duration, COLU – James Manteit and Kieran Fergusson – glide through a gloomy concoction of electronica, pop, R&B, and hip-hop to craft a sound uniquely their own. With effortless lyrical flow and seemingly flawless production, Manteit and Fergusson have created a track that feels simultaneously energetic and melancholic.

According to Manteit, the track was born out of “a feeling of intense frustration.” “I felt like I had to just get it all out,” he continues. While the track does possess a sense of frustrated passion, it’s counterbalanced by level-headed, carefully-considered production choices.

These are still early days for this Brisbane duo, but judging by the quality of their debut single, I think we can safely expect plenty more quality tunes from COLU.

For now, do yourself a favour and listen to the new single above.