Dolce Blue deliver something sultry and captivating on ‘Buy Me Flowers’

We’ve been fans of Dolce Blue for a while now. Ever since dropping their debut single in 2018, the West Australian outfit have carved out a sound for themselves that feels simultaneously grounded and far-reaching; it’s rooted in soulful pop, but stretches into far more exciting and unexpected sonic territories.

With the release of their latest single Buy Me Flowers, the group continue to expand their brand of music into something quite special. Seriously, this band really know how to write a tune.

On their new single Buy Me Flowers, Perth-based band Dolce Blue craft a woozy and western-tinged taste of psych-pop brilliance.

Buy Me Flowers is a droning and ghostly slice of psych-pop brilliance. It flutters around your head, before landing deeply in the marrow of your bones. Spirited and sultry vocal melodies meld into narcotised, western guitar licks, creating a truly unique listening experience.

Across the tune’s punchy sub-three-minute run-time, the band deliver something completely immersive. They use the time effectively, laying out a sprawling sonic landscape that you’ll have no problem getting lost within.

This is the latest in a string of consistently great releases from Dolce Blue, but definitely marks a significant step forward in their evolution as a band. If they can keep on this trajectory, we’re expecting big things.

Listen to Buy Me Flowers above.