Dolly Parton makes a seriously cool and collectible pop figure

Dolly Parton has been immortalized into what may just be the cutest pop figure ever created.

Iconic country pop singer Dolly Parton’s signature look of big hair, gorgeous smile, and glamourous threads has been embodied into the latest pop figure doll design by Funko.

Known for making some seriously collectible pop culture figures in the form of music icons The Cure, Blink 182, and Post Malone, Funko has newly shared via social media that their latest design will be the “Jolene” singer, in two forms.

Dolly Parton pop figure 2023
Credit: Funko/HappyMag

“Striking a heartfelt chord with her fans all over the world, Dolly Parton inspires happiness and goodwill towards all. Keep her songs and words close with POP! Rocks Dolly Parton,” 

Parton’s dolls will be available in two options: The first is the “9 to 5” singer in a signature bedazzled white pantsuit, while the second features the artist in orange crop-pants with a matching fringe jacket. Parton holds an electric guitar in one and a banjo in the other.

A release date for the figures has yet to be confirmed, but the website says they are “coming soon.”