Dolphins have fully functioning clitorises and love lesbian sex

We’ve known for a while that dolphins get it on for the love of it, now scientists think female dolphins have lots of lesbian sex due to their evolved clitorises.

A study published in the academic journal Current Biology analysed the genitals of 11 female bottlenose dolphins, that had died of natural causes. The scientists found that the clitorises had erectile tissue structures, just like humans, and they concluded that the dolphins must get pleasure from the area.

These friendly sea creatures are known as one of the few species, outside of humans, that have sex outside of conceptive periods.

Credit: National Geographic

Lead author and biologist Patricia Brennan said: “We know that dolphins have sex all the time,”

“They have sex for social reasons, not just for reproduction. It makes sense that the clitoris would be functional [and give pleasure when stimulated].”

Brennan’s laboratory focus specifically on the evolution of the vagina in dolphins and other animals. 

While she worked on her PHD, Brennan studied the inner workings of the very unique genitals that ducks have. 

It’s pretty much common knowledge now that male ducks have super long, corkscrew penises “but nobody had thought to look at the vagina of a duck to see how it would interact with those weird penises,” she said.

So, Brennan took a look between the webbed feet and found out that female ducks have corresponding corkscrew vaginas. She also noted that this development is a pretty strong indicator that ducks are not out there having sex for pleasure.

Since then, she’s learned about all kinds of vaginas and turned her attention back to dolphins. 

 “Every time we looked at the vaginas, it was like this giant clitoris staring us in the face,” Brennan said. 

“Just from knowing the behavior of female dolphins, we had a pretty good idea that they were probably enjoying sex. They’re having heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, and they’re masturbating. That suggests this feels good to them.”

While it is hard to prove definitively that dolphins are enjoying themselves, we hope they’re having a better time than those poor lady ducks.