The Donny Benet Show Band

Donny Benet treads a fine line between overly ironic hipster garbage on the scale of Napoleon Dynamite and a genuine love for a style and sound of a bygone era. As with all works of genius, it’s this  dividing line that is tiptoed so softly, so eloquently and so subtly that makes the Donny Benet Show Band an act worth seeing over and over again.

donny benet

Both headline spots will be Donny Benet. Joining him are some super special guests, a killer moustache and a buttload of synthesised love.

If you’re a Sydneysider and you decide to head down to Goodgod tonight (11 April), it will no doubt be the second or third time you’ve seen D.B. in action. He’s basically a resident at Goodgod Small Club and has played a night at almost every other small venue in Sydney. Heck, he even played a show at the cinema on Norton St. where I work – albeit Donny was on double bass, and they were playing smooth jazz. Still, this dude is everywhere.

Tonight will be a special double headlined Donny show at Goodgod – both of the headliners being Donny Benet, of course. Singing singing fresh new hits from both Benet’s solo work and his multiple musical collaborations will be a host of special guests – one of them almost definitely being Daft Punk. If you’re not familiar, here’s a taste of what you should expect.

Yes that’s the car from Knightrider, yes those are awesome european babes and yes those are Donny’s saxophone playing brother’s hairy knees. What’s that? You want more? How about this one. Yes, I can confirm that is definitely the most epic synth solo you’ve ever heard.



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