Don’t be like Scully, you want to believe in Sydney’s Dweeb City

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For decades popular culture has romanticised the idea of contact between humankind and the alien. Hailing from realms beyond, these alien others have been cast as oppressors, scientists, benign travellers and even lovers. Within scientific spheres the cultural impact of first contact has been long debated. In 2015 Seth Shostak, senior astronomist at NASA’s SETI Institute, predicted that by 2040 humankind will have detected signs of intelligent life. Little did Shostak know the truth lay far closer to home.

Dweeb City aliens

Do you believe? Aliens live among us, armed with bubbles and cosmic electronica Dweeb City are the close encounter of the best kind.

The unnerving fact is this: not only has mankind made contact with benign beings, but they have been among us for some time. Having travelled light-years from a location known as ‘Dweebtopia’ alien beings have been active in Sydney, Australia since mid-2015. Visually they appear similar to humans. This said it is not known whether these are actual or assumed forms, perhaps constructed to better facilitate interaction between Human and Dweebian culture.

Combining a lo-fi girl band aesthetic, outsider synth pop and elaborate visuals a collective of Dweebians have begun inviting Sydney locals to their otherworldly performances. Known as Dweeb City, the unit is comprised of STEELMAN, SCABMAN, SUMAN and TAXMAN. For the better part of 2015 the group were observed gigging around Sydney’s underground music scene, notably supporting Wollongong psych-fuzz outfit The Pinheads on their I Wanna Be a Girl EP tour and cult midi-wizards Toydeath.

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In only a short amount of time the astral quartet has managed to accrue a surprising collection of cosmic electronica. Evocative of the whimsical space pop of Princess Chelsea and outsider sounds of Melbourne’s Waterfall Person, tracks But I Like You, Saint Drogger and It’s Creepy showcase the group’s minimalistic signature sound at its best. Fans of UK producer SOPHIE’s Product may find enjoyment in the meldings of synthetic industrial textures and driving beats that are Clementine Warrior of The Endless Skies and Kicked Out Of Flat In Space.

The stated intention of the aliens is to “make ears bleed and knees weak.” But this need not be cause for alarm. Assurance can be gained from the cryptic lyricisms of surrealistic track We Come from Dweeb City. Lines like “We are so Dweeby because we come from Dweeb City / our military is armed with bubbles” suggests they come in peace.

The Dweebians are currently working on a debut EP due later in 2016. For those looking to encounter the extra-terrestrials live, the quartet will be performing alongside a number of Sydney acts at Shameless on January 29th to raise awareness of domestic violence against Aboriginal women.

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