Doprah @ The Lansdowne

Ahead of Doprah’s debut show on Australian shores, we sent a few questions the band’s way about what they’re gonna be up to. Catch the band’s only show in Aus at Sydney’s Lansdowne Hotel on Saturday (11/10/14) night alongside Magic Hands and Twin Caverns.


HAPPY: Will tomorrow’s show be your first time in Sydney? If so, what are you looking forward to the most

DOPRAH: (Steven) This will be our first time in Sydney. We are there for such a limited amount of time but I would like to check out Gordons Bay as I love the ocean. I did hear to watch out for taxi’s drivers trying to overcharge you though so I’ll be trying to avoid that

HAPPY: What are you bringing with you on the trip, music gear wise?

DOPRAH:  (Matt) We’re avoiding lugging around big guitar and keyboard cases this time and borrowing those from kind people of Sydney.  We’ll be bringing a few samplers, typical drum schwag, some in-ears, lots of pedals, an Optogate and our sound guy Marcus to make it all work.

HAPPY: You grabbed a lot of attention with your video for Stranger People a few months back – any chance we’ll be treated to the same visual spectacular at your live show at The Lansdowne?

DOPRAH: (Marcus) No.

HAPPY: It being halfway through October, I trust you’ve got your Halloween costumes sorted – what are you going as

DOPRAH: (Hunter) Zombie Mushrooms. Mushrooms weren’t scary enough… So Zombie Mushrooms.

HAPPY: There’s a tendency for music blogs to jam artists into understandable niches, and you’ve been described as trip-hop, vaporwave, cloud rap and the like. If, god forbid, we had to box your music up and label it, what would it’s name be?

DOPRAH: (Symon) “fuck. I dono. I tell old people we are indi electronic”

HAPPY: On that note, is there anyone you guys have played with/worked with/want to work with that are making some awesome stuff in Christchurch?

DOPRAH: (Indira) The music community is really interconnected in Christchurch. Everyone in our band branches off to multiple other musical projects and bands – Symon plays double bass in a crazy free jazz band, Hunter has an awesome sonic-youth-ish band called The River Jones, Ryan (the drummer) is a multi-instrumentalist and plays in bands as well as his own solo project – everyone is playing as much as they can with as many musicians they can. So yeah, there are lots of awesome musicians around christchurch, and we all love taking advantage of that


8.30pm :: Twin Caverns
9.40pm :: Magic Hands
10.50pm :: Doprah
The Lansdowne is the pub on the corner of City Road and Broadway. $8 Schnitzels all day, cheap beers all night. The touring agents made me put this in – every self respecting Sydney music lover should already know this.