Exclusive Track: shortminthair X Rollergirl! – Birthday Girl

Inspiration can be drawn from almost anywhere these days, but it’s how we respond to that spark moment in making the world a better place, that gives meaning to our lives.  This serendipitous collaboration between two skilled producers from worlds apart, will have you dancing up a storm and carousing the night away. There’s no need to and quite frankly no damn time to don on those shiny and tight disco clothes, because once you enter this track you will become disco itself – flashy bright lights, positive energy, and sensuality await!


Relive the disco era with this high energy hit from shortminthair X Rollergirl! Feel good music you can enjoy endlessly from two talented producers.

Tokyo-based producer, shortminthair also known as Shoko Yamaguchi and Adam Rich who makes disco under the better known moniker, Rollergirl! and their creation, Birthday Girl, is a disco pièce de résistance. Rollergirl! saw so much potential in the original by  shortminthair, that molding it into a dance floor hit was what he had to do and what he does best. Despite putting his own flair into the track, Adam maintains that he sought to respect Yamaguchi’s original arrangement.

This track is injected with layers of synth pads melodies to create this rich and incredibly spirited hit. The filter can effect in the opening allows for that predictable but welcomed eruption of disco beats- throughout the song it serves as a cue to re-energise before another hit comes full circle.

You can see the two cultures collide as Rollergirl! blends in shortminthair’s Japanese lyrics with his relentless wave of synths. As a rather repetitive track, Rollergirl! has created an addictive sequence of beats that you never want to end- a sign of a accomplished production.

Rollergirl! is a recent addition to the Denver-based label, Keats Collective who work with some of the big guns in Future Funk, Disco, Chillwave and Space Bop- so now you know the secret of where to go when you need a dose of this stuff.

Rollergirl! is supporting OK Go Wednesday 15th October at the Beachland Ballroom, Ohio.

A dance hit of the summer, in Happy’s books at least  :)



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