Video Premiere: Fieu – Clarity

Last month I discovered an artist who struck me with her beautiful and empowering compositions, which come from a place of humility and  fragility. Now I’m going to quote myself here because after countless plays on my playlist, this sentiment still rings true and is how I’d describe her music in a few words : “…simply cinematic, rich with perfectly- timed explosions of liberation and inspiration”. *


Video Premiere from Brisbane’s electronic-pop outfit, Fieu, will see her mere presence bring another wave of calm to an already tranquil isolation.

Brisbane’s electronic – pop artist, Fieu, encapsulates the auras of other-worldliness, and the natural world, sharing a close relationship with the ocean. Be greeted by the intensely blue allure that trails Fieu in her musical journey as she finds herself on a serenely deserted beach on Bribie Island – graceful and elegant as can be, Fieu simultaneously embraces the warmth and purity that generously surrounds her. The music video for Clarity is finally here.

If you are looking for salvation, look no further than Fieu. As I said earlier in the year : “Clarity’s hypnotic melody has the ability to appease the most troubled minds. The surging percussion and piano lines work together to create a whirlwind of sound, where the return of that climatic chorus is breathtaking.Clarity embodies everything that its name suggests –an utterly enthralling achievement by Fieu.” What I felt the first moment listening to Clarity  will forever linger and have the same impact on me. I hope you will find the same peace I did through her music.

Regarding the music video I’ll try to not spoil the mysteriousness within, but let’s just say they don’t call upright piano’s ‘upright’ for nothing. Oh and grab a bottle of champagne will you – the sun is setting on the beach and Fieu is our live entertainment – life is good, it’s time to celebrate.

Friday 10th October – Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Saturday 11th October –  RAD, Wollongong
Sunday 12th October –  Smith’s Alternative, Canberra

* For more on our appreciation of Fieu’s wondrous music click here!