Dreamcatcher shares 5 local artists you should definitely be keeping an eye on

Back in July, rural Victorian singer-songwriter Dreamcatcher unveiled his latest single Hearts & Bones; a wistful and dreamlike indie-folk track that we immediately found ourselves lost within.

So fresh off the release of the new song, we caught up with the artist himself for a list of five local artists we should definitely be keeping an eye on.

After falling in love with his new track Hearts & Bones, we caught up with rural Victorian singer-songwriter Dreamcatcher for a list of five incredible local artists.

Dear Thieves

A dear brother bear of mine, Jesse Jones and his mate Joel comprise Dear Thieves. Another Melbourne duo that make an impressively full sound between them. One of my favourite things about Jesse is his sense of humour and passion for music. Bruce Willis encapsulates both. It has a great feel and will have you dancing, smiling and rockin’ out instantly.

Rob Bravery

Rob is an amazingly talented writer and musician who married a good friend of mine, Remy. You can’t help but be in a great mood when you listen to his album Esque. It’s a mixture of upbeat jovial tracks with reflective piano pieces. Cleaning Up, You Don’t Know When To Stop and Remy bring immediate smiles to the listener’s face and will make you happy to be alive. His voice is reminiscent of Angus Stone and its tender delivery brilliantly juxtaposes the jovial mood set by the music. His lyrics portray a well-read and poetic mind. Every song on this album is a gem.

Jackson Simon

Based in Melbourne, there are few who I’ve met as musically talented and gifted as Jackson Simon. This song builds steadily and is layered brilliantly with the use of a loop pedal, an electric guitar and Jackson’s soft, sensitive voice. It’s as catchy as hell and displays Jackson’s musical talent vividly.


I met Eliott as a bartender in Melbourne and we ended up going out one night together and causing a bit of havoc that got me banned from a neighbouring bar for life. Really not what you’d expect from someone with such an angelic voice. Originally from Albury, but now Melbourne-based. Calling is a gorgeous track about something we can all relate to. It’s a powerfully moving song kept simple with piano and strings section and Charlotte’s heart melting vocals.

Nina Harries

Icarus is a song by Nina Harries, a dear friend’s ex-girlfriend who plays the double bass and then uses her epic voice to carve out powerfully brilliant melodies to form the foundations of her equally splendid lyrics.

Hearts & Bones is available now.