Du0 and Trenton drop moving electronic banger ‘Shadows’

The latest offering from Du0 proves what we already know. His electronic production is slick and his writing is gripping.

It’s no secret that electronic producer and songwriter Du0 is well on his way to the top of the music scene. His collaborations on euphoric tracks, like Come Home, have earned millions of streams and Shadows ensures similar attention.

This slice of electronic pop initially convinced me I was listening to a high-calibre, veteran-producer like David Guetta, due to its steadfast lyricism and textured production. But this is all Du0. Truly exciting stuff.


Before diving into Shadows, it’s worth understanding Du0’s journey. The Brisbane-based artist has dabbled in just about everything, genre-wise. He takes what he likes and applies it to his own material. His influences span from folk to hip-hop, which keeps his many listeners expecting the unexpected. However, what is constant is the layered, rich production that shimmers on Duo’s tracks, without distracting from his observational lyrics.

Take his biggest hit, Come Home, featuring the angelic-folk vocals of Emily Coulston. The track earned the artist an LA Music Award and took him to the finals at the International Songwriting Competition, to be judged by the likes of Coldplay and Tom Waits. Yeah, pretty impressive right? Shadows is his next worthy contender and, this time, he’s taken on the polished vocals of the reflective and anthemic artist, Trenton.


Du0 observed that “Lockdown meant the whole world got a lot smaller” while also allowing him to reach out to artists from all around the globe.” This new situation resulted in his collaboration with Trenton from Tennessee, who “breathes so much feeling onto the track.”

As some atmospheric keyboards bounce along, Trenton’s reverbed tenor crystalises into the front of the mix. “Everything, piled on the shoulders, feel the world spin”. Like all of Du0’s tracks, there’s some tangible subject matter being addressed. This time, it’s a reflection on the challenges of a friend’s relationship falling on hard times. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, as a listener may have braced for, the track crescendos to a cathartic release of hope.

The mix widens in the chorus, and uplifting strings are added to match Shadows‘ emotional depth. Trenton’s assured vocal delivery makes for an incredibly satisfying hook. “If we make it through this, we’ll make it through anything”.

If Du0 continues with this level of quality songwriting and intricate production, there’s no doubt he’ll make it through.

Have a listen below:

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