Strap yourselves in, DUAL’s new track Stuck is a punchy piece of pop rock

With their new track Stuck, Auckland duo DUAL embrace the best of punchy, dance-able Britpop to deliver a strong single full of dreamy grooves.

Made up of Jamie Pyne and Maurice Miller, DUAL have taken elements of rock, psych, pop and dance to to create an explosive song about an eruption of emotion.

With its woozy vocals, Stuck is three minutes of mesmerising, psychedelic-tinged pop rock that will cement itself in your memory after one listen.

“For me the song’s about the feeling of being stuck… first you’re stuck, the tension builds, the fuse is lit – like a rocket going up in the sky, then it explodes. It lights up the sky for a moment, you see it all and then it’s gone… and you move on,” says band member Maurice Miller.

“I guess it’s about letting things out, getting things out of your system and moving on.”

The Auckland boys cover some different territory musically across their inventory of songs. Reflecting on how they settle on a sound for each track, Miller says, “We only make music together if we’re both feeling it in the moment, and when we’re creating it we try not to force a genre, so different styles just come out.” 

It’s an apt name for their latest cut, considering how disgustingly catchy this track can be. Ripe with earworm hooks and the kind of pop-infused vocals that bite and don’t let go, we guarantee Stuck will be stuck in that little head of yours for weeks to come.

Having only been playing live for a year, DUAL have already played alongside some impressive acts, including Winston Surfshirt, Fortunes., and World Champion.


If you wanna do yourself a favour and check out DUAL live, you can do so at the following dates:

Rhythm and Vines Festival, Waiohka Estate, Gisborne, New Zealand – December 29-31
Rhythm and Alps Festival, Wanaka, New Zealand – December 29 – January 1
Splore Festival, Tapapakanga Park, New Zealand – February 23 – 25