Dying Adolescence’s new album Please Be Kind is a bedroom-pop nirvana

Bedroom pop music, for the most part, is a trench of jagged, scuzzy sounds. Then, somewhere above this, floats the music of Dying Adolescence. With glassy, cathedral-like synths, melancholic vocal melodies, and fuzzed-out guitar lines, Sydney-based artist Michael Barker (Neighbourhood Void, Bleeding Knees Club, 1800-Mikey) creates bedroom pop music that feels brilliantly atmospheric—spiritual even.

Today, Barker has released his second full-length album under the Dying Adolescence name – Please Be Kind. With one foot in the trenches of lo-fi garage-pop, and both hands reaching towards some melancholic pop nirvana, Please Be Kind pulls successfully in myriad sonic directions.

Please Be Kind, the second album from Sydney’s Dying Adolescence, plays out like a narcotised trip to bedroom-pop heaven.

The album’s opening track, Pray 4 Me, will immediately immerse you in Barker’s far-reaching vision of bedroom music. Like a drug-indused meeting with God, the song is brimming with a strange, narcotised sense of exultation.

Tenang parts 1 & 2 (the album’s two interludes) give each section of the record room to breathe. These sprawling slices of ambience never really begin and never really end—they float in and out of existence. Between the two interludes sits Toxic Masculinity; an inward reflection of dangerous male behaviour.

Revelation 3, the album’s brightest and most euphoric number, closes things out. By the time the track reaches its conclusion, you’ll have roped in completely by the holy bedroom pop stylings of Dying Adolescence.

Catch the new album performed live at Dying Adolescence’s album launch show on September 28th. More info here.