Take a peek behind the scenes at the making of Eagle Eye Jones’ next EP

It’s always an interesting situation when two or more artistic minds gather to form a body of work. The work becomes a representation of each individual’s artistic expression as well as the sum of all contributing members. Each individual brings a different scope of emotions, feelings and experience, and thus different style to the table.

Amazing things happen when artists mix these diverse expressions, as you would a palette of paint. The final product may be a colourful masterpiece or a complete disaster however you can be sure that whatever the result is, it would not have been achievable without the multitude of sources being put into the creative well.

All photos by Kane Lehanneur

Before they perform at our Issue 9 Launch Party next Thursday, we take a peek behind the scenes at the making of Eagle Eye Jones’ next EP.

The likes of Salvador Dali combine Luis Buñuel (1929); as well as Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat (1980’s) fashioned iconic works that depict the essence of each respective artist yet communicates a new message to the audience through diversification.

Both are examples of collaborations that extend each of the individual artists respectively and collectively. What I’m getting at is collaboration is a very useful and interesting aspect of art. To segue from that artistic rant, let me introduce you to Eagle Eye Jones.

EEJ is a young emerging band from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The four piece is a synthesis of artistic expression from a range of backgrounds; drawing lines between London blues, jazz, rock and hints of funk. Their sound comes in waves of moody chords, delicious guitar licks and dynamic rhythms that will keep you on your toes.

The group consists of members Luke Saunders (guitar, vocals), Toby Jones (guitar, vocals), Dylan Goodearl (bass guitar) and Jason Styles (drums, percussion). The boys have worked hard over the past year refining their sound and establishing themselves within the Sydney music scene.

Releasing a solid debut single Bad Omens, playing a support show at the Enmore Theatre with Northern Beaches alumni Ocean Alley, as well as playing numerous headline shows at Oxford Art Factory, Moonshine Bar, Selinas and Lazybones Lounge; it’s safe to say they are doing a darn good job.

Recently, the group packed up shop and ascended into the Blue Mountains to find a humble abode to call home for three days of recording. With the technical help of Third Eye Stimuli (Rick Snowden and Joshua White) the group slammed out five recordings that will be working their way to your ears in the near future. Here is a glimpse of some moments in and between takes!

If you wanna catch Eagle Eye Jones live, they’ll be playing at our Issue 9 Launch Party at Golden Age Cinema & Bar on Thursday October 18th. More info here.