PREMIERE: Early Sans delivers a kaleidoscope of psych-pop in new clip Easy Love

In need of a new jam to help you unwind? Look no further than Easy Love, the silky-smooth single by London via New Zealand export Early Sans. By dropping a music video bursting with synthetic psych-pop sounds and visual intrigue, the intrepid artist sets an exciting precedent for his upcoming debut album Buzz In.

Early Sans (of Sherpa and Superorganism) draws on his travels to craft a clip fixed by a Beatles vibe and a trippy, lo-fi bedroom twist. The album was written, recorded and produced by the artist in his various bedroom studios dotting the world – from Auckland to London, Seoul and Sydney. It is this air of exploration and adventure that gives Easy Love a feeling of life, love and loss.

The video was directed entirely by Early Sans, who by chance recognised the dancer as an old friend’s sister while searching for his star.

I thought it’d be cool to put a Kiwi girl in traditional Korean dress and interpret the song through dance. Kind of like what I did growing up in New Zealand as a Korean immigrant,” says Early Sans.

Early Sans

Early Sans bares his heart through a kaleidoscopic lens on Easy Love, while a woman dressed in the traditional Korean Hanbok interpretive dances the heck out of the sweet and soulful song.

For the artist, the song is a culmination of time spent north of the equator while drawing on the influence of Korean folk.

“Easy Love is a song I wrote while visiting South Korea after a long time away. The chorus evokes the simplicity of a Korean folk song and expresses the simple sentiment of empathy.”

The single not only showcases a strength in vocals but also songwriting ability, seen through heavenly lyricism found in lines such as, “I made you angry, your words like bullet sharks, swim through my insides, my feeling ripped apart into confetti.”

Easy Love and forthcoming album Buzz In will be released via Berlin-based Fantasy Fiction Records.