Sunny Coast jammers Shen Panthers deliver a double strike with two hot new releases

Shen Panthers unveils their latest duo release, ‘Fly Away Naked’ and ‘Sugarcube Sunshine,’ showcasing their metamorphic passion and beachy nostalgia with face-melting guitar solos and a blend of genres that will transport you to sun-soaked adventures.

Wake up babe, the new Shennies just dropped! From mic-d up mucking around to fully fledged songwriting machines, the indie funk-rock outfit Shen Panthers have blessed us with two sides of their musicality in the duo release of ‘Fly Away Naked’ and ‘Sugarcube Sunshine’.

Despite the shadowy days of pandemic confinement, the Sunshine Coast crew found a light in jamming the isolation away, before realising they had a sound that needed to be heard.

Shen Panthers

This distinct nature of their summery and vibrant tone was clearly a captivating asset when Alex Reichelt (formerly of Brisbane heavy hitters Take us to Vegas) felt compelled to join, stating “I knew as soon as I heard the first song they played live, I wanted to be a part of this band. They had something that other bands didn’t. I’m originally from the Coast so when I found out there was an opportunity to sit on that drum throne, I took it”. 

The gang have dropped two heaters bound to keep us warm this winter, each displaying a different flavour of their beachy vibe.

Fly Away Naked

Opening with the moody musings of Pat Preston on the guitar, ‘Fly Away Naked’ draws on a Pink Floydian theatricality as the release explores themes of passion-fulled metamorphoses.

It’s the face-melting guitar solos that will stick with you in this release, as the gang harness the kind of musicianship that would completely put it’s audience under an uninhibited trance.

“‘Fly Away Naked’ celebrates life’s passionate moments and how they can be a catalyst for self-transformation,” says Frontman Tom Brackley. If this song can’t serve as the soundtrack to a transformative experience, it may just induce one with it’s saucy and electrifying hypnotism. 


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Sugarcube Sunshine

The other side of the Shen Panthers sound is ever evident in their counter release ‘Sugarcube Sunshine’ as they lean into the sugary bliss of a warm summers day.

Transporting listeners to a bygone era where the sheer elation of life melds with the exhilaration of youthful adventures, Shen Panthers masterfully blend genres to create a song that oozes nostalgia while still retaining their unique style.

The track pays homage to the surf rock heyday, with the band’s trademark melodic hooks, groove-infused basslines, and dynamic energy anchoring the composition.


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