Resilience Amplified: Paces’ victorious musical rebirth

Paces effortlessly blends catchy af hooks, high-octane guitars, and infectious pop-punk vibes, resulting in a satisfying dose of pure musical adrenaline.

Paces, the vivacious darling of Australian festivals and a purveyor of unadulterated joy, has triumphantly emerged from the tumultuous whirlwind of recent times, embarking on a journey of musical rebirth.

With courage and conviction, he has finally taken his rightful place at the mic, where it becomes clear that he was destined to shine all along.


In a bold departure from his tropical electronica roots, Paces fearlessly infuses his music with a thrilling dose of edgy hyperpop, while staying true to his lifelong love for punk and emo.

The result is a genre-defying sound that reverberates with the infectious energy and rebellious spirit reminiscent of iconic bands like Blink 182, sharing their ability to blend punk rock aggression with pop sensibilities.


With his debut singles, “Adrift” and “Butterflies,” Paces unveils a poignant journey of personal pain, fears, and growth. Each melodic note strikes a chord, evoking emotional resonance and exhilaration.

Now, bursting with raw energy, he presents “Brain Got Hands,” a track that combines candid personal thoughts with tense chord progressions and urgent drums.

The surge of punk energy washes over us, leaving an indelible impact. Paces invites us to witness his struggle with depression, reminding us that we are not alone even in our darkest times.


Prepare yourself for a sonic voyage like no other as Paces gears up to unleash his highly anticipated third LP, aptly titled “Three Summers.”

This album marks a thrilling departure from his previous works, delving deep into personal introspection and unveiling a new facet of his artistry. With authenticity and innovation, “Three Summers” emerges as a triumphant expression of self and a cathartic release of boundless energy.

Paces shares a candid reflection, acknowledging the shift in focus from escapist pop to more personal territory. Taking the reins as a vocalist and songwriter, he explores uncharted genres, pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.

“Three Summers” is infused with an undeniable aura of authenticity, while maintaining exceptional production standards.

Driven by a profound need for release and healing, Paces crafted these melodies as a form of journaling, channeling negative energy into creative expression.

The result is an uplifting, audacious, and unabashedly vibrant album that pulsates with unbridled enthusiasm.

While Paces hopes his dedicated fanbase will embark on this transformative journey with him, his ultimate motivation lies in the intrinsic power of his creation. These songs were crafted for his personal growth and healing, with the bonus of resonating with others who may share similar experiences.

“For the last few years I’ve been hurting pretty deeply for a few reasons and one of the best ways I’ve found to cope is by writing songs. I was writing songs every day as a form of journaling, just trying to channel the negative energy into something creative, and then at some point I decided to take it a step further and actually record them.”

Adding: “The songs were really just made for me but if anyone out there connects with them, that’s a bonus.”

By infusing “Brian Got Hands” with an irresistible hook and an unforgettable chorus, the song becomes more easily relatable and appealing to a broader range of listeners.

Buckle up and prepare to immerse yourself in the auditory marvel that is “Three Summers.” Paces invites us on a remarkable odyssey where personal narratives collide with exuberant melodies, forging a connection that transcends the boundaries of music itself.

The unveiling of his forthcoming full-length album sets the stage for a musical extravaganza that will captivate hearts and minds. With eager anticipation building, we can look forward to experiencing the complete artistic vision of Paces later this year.

Brace yourselves for an immersive journey that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the music landscape.

Wrap your ears around ‘Brain Got Hands’ below.