Paces latest single Butterflies serves addictive rapid energy

Paces has hit us with his new single, Butterflies which is a beautiful manifesto to his personal style and story.

Paces new banger, Butterflies is another testament to his prominence in the music scene, as lately his achieved 40+ million streams across his catalogue. Following his recent single Adrift he continues to be prevalent in the new Hyper-punk music community. With an ARIA gold on his previous hit Savage (Feat. NYNE) and having his track 1993 (feat. Jess Kent) as the most played of the week on Tripple J, it’s safe to say he is killing it!

Kicking off his newest track Butterflies, a punk chug of the electric guitar and a chirpy cyberpunk sound is soaked in a feverish rumble. Synchronized with the electric guitar, Paces drags his erratic cadence through distorted telephone vocals, much like Julian Casablancas of The Strokes.

Paces paces
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Inspiration for the track came from his adjustment to his life as a single father and the symbolic repetition of butterflies appearing all over his town. “For about three or four weeks it was just like a huge swarm had engulfed the area, it was really cool!” he shared. However, this repetition did lead to hundreds of butterflies slamming into his car and dying when he was driving home from dropping his son off for the first time. It sparked a meaningful attachment to butterflies and the erupting consistent changes in life. 

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Paces leads the pre-chorus of Butterflies with blistering repetitive urgent lyrics “…the souls of the butterflies as they hit my windshield” as he crawls through these chaotic existential anxieties. In a half-drowned and half-expressive desire, Pace’s ear-bleeding and soul-testifying lyrics and vocal tone, unleash the ghosts of his demons. These sounds and lyrics are blown out of proportion in the chorus as the expressionist restlessly yet relentlessly strikes with vulnerability. 

Butterflies PACes
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In the chorus a wood-like instrument creates an obscure hark with primal undertones. A vocal breakdown morphs unapologetically as Paces bends through a breakneck speed of lyrical depth and honesty. He bends through introspective thoughts with an elastic cynical motive that he has been imprisoned by. Scraping through these frantic thoughts he shifts the hook into a more melodic gloom with a furiously paced electric riff in the background, that hits the ears with a sting. The thrilling chorus returns with woozy harmonies that expand the raging sound and static voyage that Paces is on. 

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Having played euphoric festival sets at Splendor in the Grass, Beyond the Valley and Field Day and dealing with a stack of life-changing events, Paces carefree party attitude is now complemented by sharing his intimate struggles.

A new meaning of music is guiding Paces not just through transforming his sound but restructuring his purpose. Years of production and performance has landed Paces with a new passion for songwriting as a form of processing these struggles. “I wrote this song in an attempt to capture the chaotic freefall I was experiencing at the time” he revealed that Butterflies was a personal revelation. 

Butterflies is now out via Off Leash Records. Check it out below!