Echo and the Empress – Altitude

The pop-folk, sister-duo from South Australia provided us with a sneak of what was to come with their new album that was released in May 2014, with their single One more Tear. Coming out in February and the song that won them the Fowlers Live Music award, One more Tear tantalised the ears of listeners and built the anticipation for their album release.

echo and the empress

Awarded “Favourite SA Produced & Recorded Artist Release” at the Fowlers Live Music awards last year, Echo and the Empress are back with their new album Altitude.

The entire album is a lyrical journey. The sisters have a thrilling way of writing lyrics as you can see with Altitude that provides a glimpse into their lives with its struggles, celebrations and uncertainties. All the while skilfully matching these lyrics with softness to their sound.

London Town is the first song on the album and starts Altitude off with an upbeat and light feel. There is a real fun element with this song. The beat and quirkiness from the mixture of drum and keys introduces Altitude and sets the preset for what the listener is about to experience from the album.

It is clear to see how One More Tear was awarded Favourite SA Produced & Recorded Artist Release. For me, it is one of the real standouts from the album. There were just so many elements about this song that grabbed me – the soothing mixture of drums and keys that then showcase the lyrics with a personal feel to them is why, for me at least, this song is one of the standouts from the album.

I found myself lost in the music when listening to Somewhere in Between. I could not help but close my eyes and allow to let go and lose myself in the music. The combination of piano with almost haunting elements to the vocals drew me in. It’s the simplicity and purity of the song that showcases each element for what it is that produces three and a half minutes of brilliant music. For me, Somewhere in Between is the clear standout on this album.

After playing at Glastonbury in June they are back in Australia for their next live music event! Echo and the Empress are part of our weekly feature on the amazing Bigsound 2014 lineup, and will be playing at the Brisbane festival/conference on September 10th.



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