Introducing: Chicks Who Love Guns

Five boyish boys make up Chicks Who Love Guns. These guys who call themselves girls (or perhaps poultry?) hail from Sydney, but sound more like they hail from Brooklyn. They wear black socks every single day while they drink their coffee almost cold at 3pm.

chicks who love guns

Hella garage rock music outta Sydney – introducing Chicks Who Love Guns, and their #1 fan, Sedkaoui Djamel.

These guys are quite simply something else, and although they have predicted in their lyrics for Pencil Neck that “It’s all down here from here”, we reckon they still have a ways to climb from here. Is there a new word for cool these days? I don’t feel like that adjective does this band justice and instead of paraphrasing their excellently crafted bio line, I thought I would share it with you just as you begin to get to know them early in the article. ‘CWLG’s sound evokes images of early nineties slacker disenchantment wrapped in dirty, ripped flannel.’

Punk, grunge, rock, whatever. Again, these genres do not seem to give this gang justice and it seems the band do not really know either, which is quite refreshing in the new age of musical freedom. Each song is intensely packed with loud vocals and clever power chords. Their sound is mellow, yet their guitar riffs are so awfully upbeat they would make for the best alarm clock tones ever.

One can only imagine their wild live show after hearing The Deep End for the first time. In the later months of last year, Chicks Who Love Guns toured America and have since returned to work on some harder tracks for their upcoming debut album expected this year.

Judging by their social media entries, the guys behind Chicks Who Love Guns are pretty funny – and not even in that ironic shitposting kinda way. They also have one super stoked fan from Algeria by the name of Sedkaoui Djamel, who we’d like to give a big shout-out to. Here’s lookin’ at you Sed!

Chicks Who Love Guns have played various festivals over their time as a suave band such as: Big Day Out and Fat As Butter and played alongside of DZ Deathrays, DIE! DIE! DIE!, Deep Sea Arcade, Dune Rats and Hunting Grounds. Be sure to hit them up next time they’re playing a show at your local.