Video Premiere: Beat Club – Skull Daiquiri

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that the latest tumblrista craze is against a sexist phenomenon that I thought died a long time ago – certainly long before the emergence of our generation’s most prominent sex-related issue of receiving unwanted dick pics on your snapchat. Seemingly started by this infographic from Playboy (of all fucking places), every woman and her cat on the internet seems to be taking a stand against catcalling.

beat club

Beat Club are back on Happy, this time with their disgustingly patriarchal, pro-catcall video for Skull Daiquiri. Ugh, I can’t even.

To my surprise, this trope that I’ve only ever seen in mid 20th century cartoons, is very much alive – as evidenced in this latest video from Sydney superfunk duo Beat Club. Dressed as tradies, these two cishet dominators take it upon themselves to catcall a series of chicks throughout the video and (trigger warning) it’s pretty graphic. But (as I’m sure all you chauvinist pigs are now thinking to yourselves), who can blame them? These birds got legs for days, and when you’re flaunting your tailfeathers like that, they’re practically asking to be plucked, marinated and given a good 180°C for forty minutes, right?

Okay, so they might not be catcalling actual human women, but the patriarchal dominance factor is still abusively strong. Watching this I can’t help but sit back, think ‘Wow’ and shake my head in shame for Beat Club’s ignorance of the huge percentage of people across the gender spectrum whose therianthropic tendencies make them wish they had wings and carried a deadly avian flu. It’s a real thing, it’s called Birdkin and IT’S NOT A PHASE, MUM!