Join Greta Thunberg, Dr Karl, and much more at the Eco Living Festival

Eco Living Festival Online offers four weeks of films, workshops, talks, tours and parties all focused on creating a sustainable future.

Randwick City Council’s Eco Living Festival is approaching our fight against a warming planet with everything it’s got. Educational tools, stimulating conversations, real-world examples, high-profile guests, and much more have all culminated into a fantastic four-week event that aims at getting Australians making environmentally friendly decisions every step of the way – and to be frank, they’re killing it.

The Festival has ten days of engaging content remaining, so let’s run through going down.

Eco Living Festival

What’s happening?

The remainder of this week is focusing on all things waste and how to reduce it. These free events can teach you how community gardens work, how to re-purpose your wardrobe, and how to live with less (Marie Kondo style), all from the comfort of your own home.

Taught by engaging experts who know their field, you’ll be hearing the best tips on saving money and the environment at the same time.

The final week will be focused on climate change, with guest appearances from beloved figures like Dr Karl and Jonica Newby. They’ll also be practical discussions for specific audiences, such as advice on upholding a carbon-neutral business. No matter your interests and lifestyle, there’s bound to be an event for you.

If you can’t make any of the events, there’s still plenty of content to sink your teeth into. Environmental films like I Am Greta and 2040 are available to rent for free right here. Be sure to join a discussion event after viewing.


For your convenience, here are all upcoming events and their respective ticket links. Take a look and see what’s best for you.

Oct 14 – How to Buy Organic Food Cheaper 7-8 pm
Oct 16 – Living With Less – De-clutter, Organise, Recycle 2-3:10 pm
Oct 17 – How Community Gardens Can Heal The Planet 11-12:30 pm
Oct 17 – Creating an Intentional Wardrobe – De-Clutter, Organise, Care 12-1:10 pm
Oct 17 – Make The Creative Approach To Sustainable Fashion 2-3pm
Oct 18 – Climate Parties 6-7 pm
Oct 19 – Installing Rooftop Solar 12:30-1:30 pm
Oct 20 – Electrical Vehicles and Charging Station 12-1 pm
Oct 20 – Interactive Climate Education – The Climate Fresk 5:30-8:30pm
Oct 21 – Climate Parties 6-7 pm
Oct 21 – How To Get Your Business To Carbon Neutrality 2-3 pm
Oct 22 – I Am Greta – Film Discussion 6-7 pm
Oct 22 – Burning Hearts – How Climate Change Is A Heart Attack 1-2 pm
Oct 22 – Climate Parties – 6-7 pm
Oct 23 – Dr Karl – COP (26) That! How Could Australia Be A Leader On Climate Change? 2-3 pm
Oct 24 – Jonica Newby – How Do We Find Courage When Climate Change Overwhelms Us? 2-3 pm

Find out more about Randwick City Council’s Eco Living Festival here.