Nano Metal Muff: the brutal new distortion pedal from EHX
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Nano Metal Muff: the brutal new distortion pedal from EHX

Electro-Harmonix’s Big Muff stretches back many decades – but that doesn’t mean it’s afraid to reinvent itself. Meet the new Nano Metal Muff.

Electro-Harmonix is the company that brought the Big Muff to the world — the mighty pedal that sits atop the family tree of fuzz. This tone’s newest incarnation, the Nano Metal Muff, is no less mighty for its tiny size.

In fact, this new pedal offers up all the shades of distortion required to slot into, or dominate, a metal mix. For a genre that is all about the art of crunch, the Nano Metal Muff has everything needed to satisfy the most demanding connoisseur.

Nano Metal Muff

For metal guitarists, the sheer power of distortion obviously counts for a lot. And while the ‘traditional’ Big Muff models have fuzz in spades, crafting a crunchy tone for maximum clarity is also high on the agenda.

Enter the Nano Metal Muff’s extensive EQ section. Specially voiced to cover critical sections of the frequency spectrum, players have 14 dB of cut and boost across Bass, 15 dB of Mid-range cut and boost, and 10 dB of Treble cut and boost capability, so you can carve out a spot for yourself in the midst of a thick metal mix.

Plus, there’s a built-in, adjustable noise gate (which is often an extra purchase for the metal player) — no more annoying pedal hum when you’re not playing.

For all the details, visit EHX.