ElectroMagneticPulse’s debut LP ‘I Am’ is an introspective, psychedelic journey

Sydney’s ElectroMagneticPulse has launched an ambitious debut record I Am. As the title suggests, it makes a bold statement.

Crafted in the confines of his Bondi home studio, as well as on the road in Holland and Morocco, I Am is the debut of an exciting new voice in psych and electronica, ElectroMagneticPulse (EMP). Not daunted by the prospect of emerging with a fully-fledged album, I Am is an adventurous trip into the heart and mind of the producer (whose real name is Ali Nooriafshar).

What’s more, EMP’s musical journey only began two years ago, when he started teaching himself how to play many of the instruments that appear on the record. The result is a surprisingly assured statement from an artist who is evidently enjoying the journey.

EMP, electromagnetic pulse, I Am

Kicking off with the spooky Self Simulacra, EMP invites listeners into a world that’s painted richly with experimental colours. It’s underpinned by a grinding synth bassline and punchy drums, but on top, an almost jaunty quasi-harpsichord and reverb-soaked baritone show that EMP isn’t afraid of juxtaposing tonal elements to create something truly refreshing.

From there, the aesthetic becomes more cohesive. In the appropriately titled Flow, hard-hitting hip-hop beats come to the fore alongside undulating synth sequences. Whereas in Cycloid Psychosis, a haunting new-age ambience is introduced. And in An Alchemist In A Quantum Quandary, EMP’s penchant for creating chopped-up drum grooves is given free rein.

All in all, I Am creates a kaleidoscopic vision of EMP: his influences, his various meditations. “It’s a project close to my heart,” says EMP. “In many ways, it’s a vulnerable channelling of my vision, crystallised and manifested into music…” 

EMP also references philosophical texts such as The Kybalion and The Law of One: The Ra Material as key inspirations for his debut musical manifesto. And though it’s clear that the creation of I Am was born from deeply personal interrogation, anyone who wishes to take the ride with this album will find nourishment of their own.

I Am, the debut album from ElectroMagneticPulse is out now. Visit EMP’s linktree for more details.