Lose yourself in Arman Ayva’s true crime musical EP, Criminal Case N68

A jazz fusion heist soundtrack, Arman Ayva is the definition of unique with his concept EP ‘Criminal Case N68’

Comprised of four tracks, each with a specific purpose and scene in mind, ‘Criminal Case N68’ is a collection of sonic movements that captures the experience of a few fictional buddy criminals.

Emerging from Montreal, Canada, Arman Ayva is a seasoned musician with a hefty backlog of recognised releases. Blending jazz-funk, jazz-folk and ambient electronic genres, Ayva is a master of all things new and interesting.

Arman Ayva

The self taught musician has been crafting his notable identity since 2011, and ‘Criminal Case N68’ is the most recent step in actualising his musical universe.

This EP is intended to be an immersive, imaginative experience. Opening with ‘Rolling Buzz’, Ayva sets the scene in which an old gang conspires to reignite their love of crime.

Funky, confident and deeply conspiratorial with a hint of cheek, ‘Rolling Buzz’ showcases Ayva’s musical talent and affinity for layering instruments that at first glance don’t make sense as a combination.

But Ayva makes it clear that anything works, as long as you’re doing it right.

‘Underground’ is the soundtrack to the planning phase of what is said to be a heist. Percussive, vaguely sensual and fit for literally any spy movie, ever, this track is fun and unruly.

A soft organ keyboard and plenty of unusual percussion, ‘Underground’ is suspicious and dripping with groove.

‘Morning’ is the day of; an ordinary day that soon turns into the scene of a crime.

criminal case 68  arman ayva

Jazz drums, uneasy percussion and a dramatic switch of energy that occurs repetitively, ‘Morning’ nails the ‘pretending to be inconspicuous while there is obviously something fishy going on’ vibe.

With the brief introduction of a brass section, the drama is elevated at a pivotal point.

Finally, the title track, the soundtrack to the investigation itself, led by grooving bass and and tight drums.

Arman Ayva is a composer, one that possesses both skill and an imaginative vision.

A professional both at scene setting and technical songwriting, Arman is an artist that stands out amongst a sea of others.

Listen to ‘Criminal Case N68’ in full below.