Engineering The Sound: Expressive E’s Noisy 2 Plugin

Expressive E’s Noisy 2 is Revolutionising Sound Design with Modal Synthesis and MPE Integration

If you thought sound design couldn’t get any more exciting, think again. Expressive E‘s Noisy 2 is here to redefine your creative experience, blending acoustic and analog resonators with cutting-edge MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) technology.

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a budding sound designer, Noisy 2 offers an innovative, playful, and efficient workflow that’s sure to inspire.

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Noisy 2’s next-gen MPE mode is not just an upgrade; it’s a game-changer. This mode transcends traditional MPE integration, unlocking brand-new playing capabilities that fully exploit the potential of your usual MIDI.

It’s designed for seamless plug-and-play usage with expressive MIDI controllers like Osmose, Touché, Push 3, and the Seaboard.

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Even if you don’t own an MPE controller, You can still enjoy Noisy 2’s unique sound using classic mode with 700 non-MPE presets.

The heart of Noisy 2 is its outstanding engine based on both acoustic and analog resonators. It introduces four new acoustic resonators, enhancing the modal synthesis experience with a fresh, organic feel.

The Noise block has also evolved, offering meticulously crafted noise types that expand your acoustic horizons.

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On the analog side, Noisy 2 brings in a new pulse-width modulation resonator, four extra filter emulations, and an enhanced soft clipper with feedback control, creating analog-style timbres that are rich and dynamic.

Noisy 2 is all about making sound design accessible and enjoyable. Its sound-design workflow is both easy and efficient, allowing users to explore and tweak sounds without needing advanced knowledge.

The four expression modules let you reshape any preset’s texture and effects to match your inspiration.

Additionally, the playful bi-timbral workflow allows you to combine two independent layers within each preset, offering thousands of layer preset that you can mix and match to create unique sounds.

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Noisy 2 introduces new Trig Modes that unlock novel playing gestures. By using MPE raw data creatively, these modes allow you to add sound impulses by accelerating your gesture downwards, upwards, or alternating up and down . This innovative approach enables more expressive and dynamic performances.

The visualizer feature in Noisy 2 is another standout addition, providing real-time feedback on how your envelopes and continuous control affect the sound. This intuitive tool makes it easier to understand and manipulate your sound, enhancing your overall creative experience.

With 1200 presets, Noisy 2 offers a vast sonic palette. This includes 500 presets designed for MPE controllers and 700 for classic controllers.

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Each MPE preset is meticulously crafted to respond to your gestures, providing a fluid and surprising playing experience.

For Touché users, Noisy 2 is a treasure trove, offering 300 new presets that exploit its advanced features, alongside the original 400 presets from Noisy 1.

Noisy 2 is more than just a software synthesiser; it’s a creative playground.

By merging acoustic and analog resonators with advanced MPE integration, it offers a unique, expressive, and dynamic sound design experience.

Whether you’re looking to explore new textures, craft intricate soundscapes, or simply have fun with sound, Noisy 2 is your go-to tool for innovation and inspiration. 

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