Engineering The Sound: KINK Atomic Spaghetti Plus

Who knew spaghetti could sound this good?!

Melbourne’s pedal scene has a new contender in Kink, a company dedicated to crafting accessible and fun pedals since 2017. The Atomic Spaghetti Plus is their latest offering, an evolution of their highly regarded predal “Trem-endous Gain”, blending overdrive, tremolo, and a new reverb section.

The pedal’s layout mirrors a pedal chain, starting with the overdrive section based on the Zen Drive circuit. It features knobs for volume, gain, and tone, offering versatile grit without sacrificing clarity.

Next comes the tremolo, boasting wave, rate, and mix controls, retaining the beloved optical tremolo circuit from its predecessor.

A fresh addition is the reverb section, switchable between plate and hall algorithms, with damping, mix, and decay knobs. This versatility injects spaciousness and dimension into every note, enriching your sound with an immersive ambience.

The Atomic Spaghetti Plus shines as a one-stop-shop for rhythm guitarists and aficionados of raw rock tones. Its drive section is versatile, offering gritty textures while maintaining integrity. The optical tremolo adds fluid modulation, complemented by lush reverberations from the hall setting.

For gigging musicians, the Atomic Spaghetti Plus consolidates setups without compromise. Its practical design and comprehensive features make it a go-to solution for diverse musical contexts. While an effects loop insert before the reverb could enhance integration, the pedal’s value proposition remains strong.

This pedal epitomizes Kink’s dedication to innovation, inviting musicians on a sonic journey defined by creativity and exploration. With its evocative soundscape and practical design, it represents Australia’s vibrant pedal culture at its finest.

Awaiting its debut, the Atomic Spaghetti Plus is estimated to set you back around 400 to 450 AUD.

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