Engineering The Sound: ENDORPHIN.ES Ghost Pedal

We delve into Ghost Pedal, the first standalone pedal from ENDORPHIN.ES and Andrew Huang

Today, in Studio A at Noise Machines, we’re testing out the Ghost Pedal, a multi-dimensional effects processor from ENDORPHIN.ES.

Dropping in the latter part of 2023, this multi-dimensional effects chain processor is not your average pedal – it’s a journey into the realms of experimental tone shaping and sound design, all thanks to the creative minds at ENDORPHIN.ES and legend, Andrew Huang.


ENDORPHIN.ES, the avant-garde trailblazers in Eurorack modules and desktop synths since their inception in 2010, have now ventured into the world of their first standalone pedal.

Born from the collaboration with Andrew Huang in 2022, the Ghost Pedal translates Eurorack magic into a compact, foot-stompable format.

ENDORPHIN.ES Ghost Pedal demo

First things first, this pedal boasts a clear UI, packed with parameter values, real-time modulations, and LFO/distortion/filter controls – everything you need to sculpt your sound on the fly.

Plug in your mono/stereo line or high-impedance instrument, tweak the mix with the cabinet simulator, and assign an expression pedal for extra expression (pun intended!).


The LED brightness reflects control changes, and a handy manual on the back helps you remember everything.

But the true magic lies in the Ghost Pedal’s 6 routing options. These let you rearrange the effects chain (distortion, filter, FX) for endless sonic possibilities.

Dive into complex subharmonics, ethereal drones, and shimmery textures, then shift dimensions with the magical “shift” button for even more mind-bending explorations.

For the tech lovers, this industrial beauty offers full MIDI control, syncs LFO to MIDI clock, and boasts 24-bit/96kHz audio goodness.

demo ENDORPHIN.ES Ghost Pedal

Explore delay realms with tone and 3 reverb modes (hall, shimmer, reverse, spring), get creative with 3 filter types (comb, bandpass, resonator), and tap into inspiring features like delay looper, bit crushing, and a virtual spring exciter.

Three trusty footswitches let you customize settings, save/select presets, and bypass the pedal – all hands-free. Check out the video above to hear our demo with an electric violin.


We spent the day flowing through routing variations, experimenting with effects, and getting lost in the world of modulation.

Verdict? The Ghost Pedal is pure genius. Its otherworldly sounds make it perfect for creating haunting textures and mysterious atmos layers, ideal for ambient lovers, sound designers, screen composers, and live improv artists seeking sonic chills.

The unique routing, high-quality build, and detailed controls make this pedal worth every penny. It’s giving us serious Fever Ray and Björk vibes!

Looking for a versatile, all-in-one ambient and experimental effects unit?

The Ghost Pedal is calling your name (and maybe a little scream!). Order yours for $799 AUD from audio dealers or the ENDORPHIN.ES website.