The Silent Era deliver 90s angst in new single Heaven//Hell

Immerse yourself in the alt-rock sensibilities of The Silent Era, keeping the 90s flame burning with their new single Heaven//Hell

The Silent Era’s latest release is a nod to ’90s alternative, drawing from Faith No More‘s dark energy and angular rhythms and Garbage’s grunge rock vibes.

In “Heaven//Hell,” The Silent Era masterfully fuses industrial, goth rock, shoegaze, and post-punk, to confronts the shadows before ascending to a cathartic release – leaving the listener both breathless and empowered.

the silent era

Hailing from diverse backgrounds, the quartet comes together seamlessly, drenching their instruments in distortion and reverb, proof that they have done their homework sonically, with sound nods to alt – rock icons like Deftones, Tool, and The Cure, all whilst carving a unique niche in the scene.

The Silent Era’s “Heaven//Hell” is a lead track that delves into the enigmatic realms between good and evil. Dark and atmospheric, the song navigates personal suffering, healing, and trust reclamation, drawing from authentic experiences of manipulation and betrayal.

The Silent Era’s emotive universe, rich in themes and introspection, adds layers to the mix, offering a holistic experience for those ready to dive into their raw and potent sound.

On the flip side of “Heaven//Hell” is “Scorpio (Slowpio version) – Live at Brighton Electric,” a live recording from Brighton Electric Studios.

This stripped-down rendition highlights The Silent Era’s live skill set, giving a taste of their performance energy.

Their ’90s grunge influence is evident across both tracks, especially in the opening sequences, which are strong and immediate in impact.

The Silent Era cuts to the chase, skillfully tapping into the raw power of alt-rock and grunge, echoing the angst and innovation of of ther era with authentic, dark lyrics and a rebellious spirit, the band rejects mainstream norms, resonating with those who seek music beyond conformity.

In this way, and in classic fashion, The Silent Era pays homage to the enduring legacy of the past and keeping the flame alive with their potent sound.

The Silent Era’s journey began in 2018 with Chris, Nicolas, and drummer Conor, rising from the disbandment of Ghost Wives. Bri, fresh from Black Palms, and drummer Jo from Silhouettes complete the lineup, forging resilience and evolution.

Regular gigs around London showcase their commitment, setting the stage for a promising future.

As 2024 approaches, The Silent Era readies a new track batch, inviting listeners into a sonic voyage that honors the past while pushing alt-rock boundaries.

Listen to the A/B side below, and stay tuned for the next chapter in their musical joureny – bringing the sound of classic alt-rock well and truly into the modern age.