Move over, Xanax, a new study shows that we are turning to music for our anxiety fix

Want a natural way to chill the fuck out? Looks like swapping pills for playlists is the way to go

A recent survey in the UK, reveals a nation that is turning to music as a form of self-medication, with a staggering 42% using music to chill out their stressed-out minds.

And it’s not just a casual hum-along – 70% crank up the tunes for a straight-up dopamine injection, while 46% use it as a time machine back to happier days.

music therapy jack nicholson

But this isn’t just bedroom headphone therapy. Turns out, a whopping 60% would happily take an NHS-prescribed MediMusic session to tame their anxiety and boost their mental well-being, with one in six Brits finding music a more effective pain reliever than ibuprofen (cue the ibuprofen manufacturers scrambling for the mute button).

This isn’t some placebo effect, either. Tuned Global, a top-tier B2B music and streaming tech solutions provider, has teamed up with MediMusic, a cutting-edge British health tech start-up. Fast forward a year, and MediMusic has been making waves, harnessing the therapeutic potential of music across a range of health conditions.

MediMusic’s AI-powered tunes have real science behind them. Their playlists have already chilled out dementia patients, soothed pre-op jitters, chronic pain, and even the post-dentistry shakes.

Major labels like Warner Music, Sony, and Universal are lining up to join the chorus. They’re letting their back catalogues, from Fleetwood Mac’s mellow jams to Bob Marley’s chill anthems, be used to soothe stressed-out souls.

This win-win deal helps patients and opens up a sweet new revenue stream for the music industry – think of it as royalties for rocking someone’s world in the best way possible.

So, next time the world throws you a Blue Monday curveball, ditch the doom and gloom and plug into MediMusic’s ‘Chill Out’ playlist.

It’s an AI-curated sonic sanctuary, with tunes so smooth they’ll melt away your stress like butter on a hot croissant.

And who knows, maybe one day your doctor will prescribe you a dose of Bowie instead of boring Benadryl.

Check out the playlist and stats below:

– 42% of Brits are self-medicating with music to reduce anxiety.

– 70% listen to music to make them happy & 46% to remind them of happier times.

– 60% would use a music service if prescribed by the NHS to improve mental health and reduce anxiety.

– Nearly one in 6 (16%) turn to music to take their mind off physical pain.

– 67% consider the impact of music listening important in their everyday life.

– 60% would consider paying for a service using music if shown by scientific or academic studies to improve mental health and reduce anxiety.

– 60% would use such a service when recommended by their GP or another health professional, or if provided for free by the NHS.

– 39% would use this music service to replace medication.

– 41% of people listen to music at least once a day.

To celebrate and support those facing Blue Monday – aka the most depressing day of the year – MediMusic has used its AI technology to compile a ‘Chill Out’ playlist of the 10 most relaxing songs, which can be listened to above.