Engineering The Sound: Sebatron Spider EQ – Valve Equalizer

Unveiling the Sonic Tapestry: A Journey with the Sebatron Spider Valve EQ

Sebatron is a company out of Melbourne that was founded by Sebastian Sebatron in the early 2000s, providing fantastic audio equipment to Australia and the world! We’re a big fan of Sebatron products – we’ve been using his VMP pre-amp series for years, and when people ask what tube preamp they should buy we always tell them to either build their own out of a vintage unit or give Sebatron a shout.

No compromises here; the Spider EQ is a Class A, high-voltage unit, steering clear of the starved tube approach seen in some competitors. This unit doesn’t just look good; it’s a testament to Sebatron’s dedication to delivering true tube colouration.

Our affection for the Spider EQ grows with every interaction. Whether delicately enhancing sources during tracking or adding finesse to the drum or mix bus, this unit proves its versatility. 

Sebatron Spider EQ

The frequency selection is not just intuitive, it’s precisely where you’d want it to be. Switchable low shelf frequencies at 40 or 80Hz, with 10dB boost or cut, and high shelf options at 8 or 14k, once again with 10dB of boost or cut, make for a delightful and functional experience.

Sebatron Spider EQ

Diving into the mid-range, you’re granted control over up to 10dB boost or cut at 160, 220, 360, or 500 Hz in the low-mid region, and 1.1, 2.2, 4, or 5k in the high-mid region. The Spider EQ’s low-mid area boasts a wider Q, while the high-mid is subtly tighter – both tailored perfectly for their intended purposes. 

Sebatron Spider EQ

Designed to complement in-the-box EQing, the Spider EQ’s selectable frequencies are meticulously voiced to leverage the additional harmonics from the tube circuit. Push it to its limits and you’ll discover a warm distortion, adding yet another layer to its sonic palette.

Sebatron Spider EQ

The Spider EQ is a 2-channel unit that can be used for stereo sources or two independent sources. While lacking a link function, it’s a deliberate choice that allows for easy channel calibration if needed. It retails for $2200 within Australia, including shipping, and comes with a 3-year warranty. You can also purchase it from distributors across the USA. 

For a complete demo of this sonic charmer, head over to our YouTube channel.