All of these rivers lead back to you – ‘Ancestor’ Dobby’s latest gem hits hard in all the right places

Dobby is a rare talent; his passion he wears on his sleeves, and if you have ever caught him live, you’ll know he’s a charismatic force of nature

In the Aussie music scene, Dobby stands out. He’s a Filipino, Murrawarri, and Ngemba artist, and he does it all – rapping, composing, producing, and drumming.

Today, he drops his new track “Ancestor,” giving us a sneak peek into his first-ever album, WARRANGU: River Story, dropping on June 14, 2024.

“Ancestor” spins a tale with cinematic strings and a beat that hits hard. Dobby digs deep, connecting with his ancestors and taking us on a ride of self-discovery and cultural vibes.

And there’s a video too – it’s a mix of dance, landscapes, and community, adding a perfect visual accompaniment to the powerful song.

WARRANGU: River Story is more than an album – it’s Dobby’s call against the environmental mess, focusing on the rivers around Brewarrina and the struggles they face.

Dobby’s no stranger to the spotlight. His single “Dirrpi Yuin Patjulinya” which he delivered last month, got props from all the major music mags – including this one.

But it’s not just about music for Dobby. He’s worked on big projects, making soundscapes for the PARRTJIMA festival and adding his touch to Sydney’s drone show in 2022 and 2023.

As Dobby steps into 2024, “Ancestor” is a reminder of his talent. It’s more than a song; it’s a nudge to find yourself and get what’s happening on your home turf.

With his impressive record and commitment to doing good, Dobby’s set to leave his mark firmly in your heart, and on the world stage.