Europe braces for second wave of coronavirus as summer outbreaks soar

As coronavirus outbreaks continue to occur, Europe is bracing for the harsh consequences of a second wave. With reimposed restrictions and lockdowns looking likely as millions of people travel across the continent for their summer holidays.

The Belgian government has said that a second lockdown may be inevitable following a significant spike in new infections, with a reported 71% increase in cases between the 17th and 23rd of July, pushing the daily reported cases up to 279, as reported by The Guardian.

Photograph: Felipe Dana for AP

Europe is facing a second wave of coronavirus as Summer holiday goers and young people break social distancing restrictions.

Also looking towards a second “complete lockdown” is the Spanish region of Catalonia, with nearly 8000 new cases diagnosed over the past 14 days — a similar situation to before the national lockdown was introduced in March. With Spain’s cumulative total rising over a staggering 278,000 cases, a second lockdown could be implemented sooner rather than later.

The Catalonian government says all nightclubs and late-night bars in the region are to close for the next two weeks. “An outbreak brought on by a small, innocent party … just one outbreak could be the start of a new, nationwide epidemic,” said Spanish health official Fernando Simón.

Also being hit hard are France and Germany, with a sharp rise in cases, particularly amongst young people. Faced with closures, curfews and months of isolation, people have taken to impromptu parties, illicit raves and botellónes (aka drinking parties) in the streets and parks, placing whole regions at risk of lockdown restrictions once again.

Similarly, patrons of a recent illegal bush doof in NSW were fined $1000 for partying during socially distant times.