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Eventide launches a one-stop shop for distortion: CrushStation

Eventide has just put out their new CrushStation, a digital plug-in that works on desktops as well as iPhone and iPad, for your portable distortion needs.

The plug-in is designed to excel at three ways of using distortion: ‘Fixing’ a tone that sounds too weak, ‘Fitting’ a sound into a mix and ‘Featuring’ a sound that needs to stand proud.CrushStation

The new CrushStation plug-in from Eventide offers a wide array of tools and controls for your distortion needs. It can even be used on an iPad or iPhone.

The plugin comes with a large range of controls; it even comes with a high and low octave control for gnarly octave fuzz sounds. In total, there are 35 presets on offer to get you started on your way to colouring (or abusing) sounds in your mix.

The fact that the CrushStation is usable on iPad and iPhone means that guitarists can also take the CrushStation with them to give them distortion tones wherever they go. But like all distortion, the CrushStation is more than a guitarist’s Swiss Army Knife. Hip-hop producers can use it to make an 808 sound aggressive, and punk or metal producers can add some light fuzz to a vocal or snare drum so that it stands out a little more in a heavy mix.

More info about the CrushStation can be found at Eventide’s website. They’ve also made a demo for the plug-in, which you can watch below.