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Eventide ShimmerVerb: a dreamy reverb with performance in mind

Eventide has been providing for musicians during this lockdown period, releasing multiple effects units and plugins over the past few months. They have been producing digital effects since the ’70s and continue to deliver on a proud tradition with their new plugin, ShimmerVerb.

ShimmerVerb takes its algorithm from Eventide’s celebrated H9 pedal. It combines a massive lustrous reverb with parallel pitch shifters to create the shimmer effect, a technique popularised by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno on U2’s The Unforgettable Fire — an inspirational sound that’s been given new life through this plugin.Eventide ShimmerVerb plugin

ShimmerVerb is the next release from Eventide’s H9 series. It’s a reverb/pitch-shifter for PC, Mac and iOS that can add instant ambience to any signal.

The now iconic sound has been refined and built upon, starting with a modern interface that’s perfect for adding ambience to any signal. New features have also been added, such as infinite repeats, and control over the feedback frequencies via the low/mid/high crossover network.

The ShimmerVerb plugin/iOS app is designed for performance. The Ribbon is an easy to program performance macro which allows users to morph between two settings with one control. Ribbon mappings are great tool for feedback swells or pitch bends, and can easily be controlled by via MIDI.  The Hotswitch button can call up another state of parameters within the same preset, and the Freeze button will smear the textures resulting in a ‘metallic shimmer’.

For more info check out the Eventide website.