Eventide unveils MicroPitch: a plugin that offers up iconic modulation tones

Eventide has just released the MicroPitch effect from their H9 series, which offers up classic modulation effects based on the company’s H910 Harmonizer from the 1970s.

Like other Eventide H9 effects, as well as being a plug-in for DAWs, the MicroPitch can also be used on-the-fly in an iOS version with an iPad.Micropitch

Eventide has recently released MicroPitch, from their H9 series of effects. As you would expect, it dishes up the company’s signature modulation sounds.

The plug-in provides a range of pitch-shifting, stereo-spreading and delay effects, perfect for a subtle thickening up of sounds or for more experimental warping effects.

MicroPitch is a dual-voice pitch-shifter, each voice allowing shifting from -50 to +50 cents with up to 2 seconds of delay on each voice. Other features include stereo-spread and slapback, as well as standard controls like modulation depth, feedback, mix and tone.

The effect can even be played real-time through the Ribbon function, which can even be accessed via the mod-wheel of a MIDI keyboard, for expressive modulation effects.

The H910 Harmonizer was one of the world’s first digital effects units, used by everyone from Bowie and Frank Zappa to AC/DC. Typical uses of the H910 were to fatten sounds by spreading, detuning or adding slap-back, and to create specific harmonies. Other experimental uses of the H910 worked by using self-oscillation to create unnatural but incredibly interesting experimental sounds.

MicroPitch is available on Eventide’s website for the discounted price of $39 until the 31st of May.