Ever wondered what’s in Gideon Bensen’s record collection? Take an exclusive peek

Gideon Bensen just put out one of the most exciting records of the year, one that is sonically and ideologically removed from his Preatures roots in so many ways. When the first wisps of Bensen’s solo career came forth, it was immediately apparent that he had no qualms with spacing himself from the canon that his ‘other’ band revelled in, with his solo project being in favour of a far more eclectic sound.

The Cold Cold Heart EP harnesses so many different influences – some obvious, some left-of-field. We were intrigued, so we thought the best way to find out exactly what was pumping through the musical lifeblood of the EP was to ask Bensen just what’s in his record collection.

cold cold heart EP

Ever wondered what’s in Gideon Bensen’s record collection? From Bowie to Golden Age hip-hop – you can see where he gets his eclectic sound from.

Hunky Dory – David Bowie

Hunky Dory was just one of the Bowie records I was listening to when I was working on the Cold Cold Heart EP. What I loved about the record was how fluid it sounds, all the songs weave into one and other very nicely. It’s a pretty timeless record. I found myself listening to this record a lot when I was driving back from the studio after working on a track. When I was working on Shame, I was listening to this record a fair bit.

gidden bensen record collection

Hot Rats – Frank Zappa

I’ve always listened to this record (on and off). When I was working on All New Low and I was thinking about certain treatments for drums and horns, I’d put this on in the car so when Tony Buchen (producer) and I would be working, I would have a point of reference to go off. I find this record to be pretty inspiring, an amazing piece of work.

gideon bensen

View The World – Talking Heads

Talking Heads were definitely an influence on the EP. David Byrne, is a masterful songwriter who has the ability to make the weird and wacky fit within a conventional pop context. I found myself listening to And She Was on repeat. When I was working on Talk Talk I found myself listening to a lot of Taking Heads. Big inspiration on that track.

gideon bensen records

Rock N Roll Animal – Lou Reed

Lou Reed, brings the attitude. This record is a five track record of live recordings. This record was a big inspiration for an overall attitude for the EP, as well as a love for the guitar sounds on the tracks. I was listening this when working on Talk Talk and Cold Cold Heart.

gideon bensen record collection

Straight Outta Compton – N.W.A

Straight Outta Compton got a ton of play when I was working on the EP. This was the early days of beat making and I was beginning to dip my toes into what that whole world was about. Working on All New Low, I found myself coming back to this record, it’s a revelation.

gideon bensen records

Gideon Bensen’s Cold Cold Heart EP is out right now. You can get it here.