Want to know how Gunns capture their spacious sound? Here are 5 pieces of gear they froth for

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If you’ve listened to Gunns‘ new EP She’s A Rainbow, one of the first things you probably noticed was that the production is fucking first class. You don’t have to be a crazed audiophile to recognise a well-produced record – it’s all out there in the open: warm, punchy drums; spacious, metallic vocals; explosive bass lines and some beautifully balanced, yet slightly wonky guitar work. The EP was largely recorded at home by the band themselves, and if you’re one of those people that spends hours wondering about a record’s production or what gear a band like using, have we got a treat for you.

gunns gear

Gunns’ She’s A Rainbow EP is a visceral chunk of kaleidoscopic pop – all warm and wonky and drugged-out. Wanna know how they get their sound? Here are 5 pieces of gear that Gunns can’t live without.

Roland Space Echo (RE-201)

My favourite delay unit / pedal. It makes your guitar sound like it’s floating in space. I own both incarnations, the 70’s tape echo unit sits in the studio and the FX pedal comes with me to live shows. This thing is great on most instruments as well as vocals. Down the track I hope to travel with a tape unit for live vocals.

gunns gear

Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphone

Designed by the BBC in the 50’s and made famous by the Beatles in the 60’s, this is my favourite sounding microphone. Ever! If I could only have one mic this would be it, mainly used as a drum overhead and on guitar amps. In 2005 Jack White recorded Get Behind Me Satan using only one microphone…you guessed it, the Coles 4038. It’s magic.

gunns gear

Chandler TG2 Microphone Preamps

You can probably tell by now I’m a big fan of the Beatles and the gear they used at Abbey Road. I have a stereo pair of mic preamps (reissues made by Chandler) that were made exclusively for that studio. The tone is amazing. You’ve heard them if you’ve listened to Abbey Road or Dark Side of the Moon.

gunns gear

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DBX 165a Over-Easy Compressor

Compression. They say it’s like a drug, you add some and it sounds great, so you add some more, then some more. The next morning you listen back and think what have I done! This compressor is majorly addictive. I bought this when I found out that it was Kevin Parkers secret weapon. It’s also the compressor that is responsible for crushing the drums on Race for the Prize, the opening track on The Flaming LipsThe Soft Bulletin. I just had to have one.

gunns gear

Rickenbacker 3001 Bass Guitar

This was an absolute score. I met a guy through a friend that had one to sell because he just had a kid and wasn’t playing in a band anymore. I got it for $700!
I couldn’t believe my luck. This thing has so much tone and I use it on pretty much every bass track I record. When you get offered a Rickenbacker bass for $700 you take it.