Everything Is Dogs: Lauran Hibberd shares her top 5 dog breeds

Dogs. Doggos. Puppers. We all love them, from the moment we’re fresh little drooling bubs to oldies with a lifetime of happy canine-related memories behind us.

Well guess what? Lauran Hibberd loves them too, so much so that she titled her debut EP Everything Is Dogs. But we wanted to know more.

lauran hibberd everything is dogs top 5 dogs

Everything Is Dogs by indie hitmaker Lauran Hibberd has hit shelves, and to celebrate we asked her to share her top 5 doggo breeds. Take it away, Lauran.

Sausage Dog

Just imagine being that close to the ground! It’s my dream pooch. I have a sausage dog bed set, with matching pillows, so if that isn’t obsession I do not know what is. I think Sausage Dogs are the Hoochies of the dog world, they seem like they know there way around the block if you know what I’m saying. Rightly so too, cuties get fruity too.

Jack Russell

My family have always had them, they are bloody yappy but they are too cute and funny, they are better in pairs and very under rated. I did not name mine, so I can’t take credit for calling them Pippa and Peppa. They have no idea which one is which and neither do I. They respond to tracks like Frankie’s Girlfriend, they love an overdrive pedal they do.

Blue Roan Spaniel

My first ever dog, and my first ever friend Mini. The fluffiest ears you ever will see. Looks very adorable after a hair cut but very mischievous. The sort of pup that requires a Sugardaddy so that they can be well kept, and focus on being the best looking version of themselves.


I think this is a classic breed. This will never tire, there’s no hype around a Labrador but we all know we love them. I think they have that cute sad eye thing going on too, so even when they are happy you feel bad for them. They are the Shark Week of all breeds, the silent killer of cuteness. By the way, big dogs can be cute too. I’m tired of people thinking otherwise.


The most loyal and royal looking of all the poochies. I had a Dalmatian called Lucky. She changed my world. Best not to wear black around them though. Very much enjoys a pamper session, and won’t leave your side. The sort of girl that would look after you on a night out, very responsible and probably listens to What Do Girls Want? by Lauran Hibberd.


Lauran Hibberd’s debut EP Everything Is Dogs is out now.