EXCLUSIVE: Footy’s epic piano ballad Totalitarian Calisthenics 1

Melbourne electric piano duo Footy have been kicking goals with their unique and engaging play with their ivory keys for a little while now. Two years ago the boys exclusively shared Totalitarian Calisthenics 1 with us, a beautifully moving track.

Totalitarian Calisthenics

Piano duo Footy carve out a complex piece of music on Totalitarian Calisthenics 1. Both tender and intimidating, it’s made even better with a monkey.

Paddy Gordon and Lewis Mulvey have a knack for giving their piano music an edge, and Totalitarian Calisthenics 1 is no exception to that fact. It’s soft and tender, but at times can become aggravated and imposing. It’s almost like a living thing, and at six minutes long it easily sucks you into this bizzarre, conflicted world.

If you’re liking what you hear be sure to check out their latest album Record, or you can pop along to Fleetwood Mac‘s Aussie shows where the boys will be playing the supporting slot.