EXCLUSIVE: Peter Pan by Pikachunes is a thunderbolt on the dance floor. He’s also just announced his first ever Aussie show!

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Pikachunes, I choose you!

Sorry, had to get that out of my system as anyone who grew up with a show about adorable monsters hitting each other repeatedly would. But that’s what’s kind of the fun with a musician like Pikachunes. There’s a child-like playfulness to his music, while at the same time can be quite dark or alienating you’ll always brought back to the light. That’s the complex vibe Pikachunes is about, and he nails it perfectly on Peter Pan.

Pikachunes exclusive

New Zealand’s Pikachunes is set for his first Aussie shows, so why not get acquainted with the infectious Peter Pan, another synth-pop gem.

It’s quite appropriate that Pickachunes has a song called Peter Pan. His music lends itself to the nature of the character; playful, laid back, full of wonder yet maintaining a long-running search for something more. Miles G. Loveless had stated that Peter Pan is a little more pop-oriented than his other work, which shows in the boppy chorus. His robotic vocals are repeated constantly, “Peter Pan, you’re Peter Pan. Don’t wana grow old, always living in my Neverland“.

The notion of growing up is much different to being an adult, and that’s what Pikachunes takes on with this track. It’s a classic coming of age story; does one have to sacrifice their happiness in order to be an adult? The weight of responsibilities and commitments are nothing to a boy who can simply fly away, but at what point does that ambivalence take it’s toll on such a person? You may not get that on the first listen but Pickachunes has layered it all there under the surface of the pop-friendly tune.

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The music is on point as always, the young Kiwi’s knack for throwing together a hyperactive and intoxicating synth-pop jam is as brilliant as ever. Pikachunes lulls you in with a long silence before a snare rings out, cutting through the murkiness of the quiet. The synths a re jagged, not so much your typical sleek synth-pop. Which is fitting given the message of the song. This isn’t about wanting to be Peter Pan, this is a man who has one day realised he has been living this life for a long time, and is now torn between moving on or remaining in this limbo.

It’s great to hear Pikachunes switching things up with tracks like this, and we can only hope to hear his sound to continue to expand further in the future. If you’re digging the sound of this track then be sure to catch Pikachunes on his first Aussie appearance on September 5 at Brighton Up Bar playing with Sydney’s own Wells.

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