Exclusive track from The Citradels

The Citradels are a band from Melbourne who make drone music. Do you know what that is? Here is Alex’s definition (taken from his introduction to The Citradels) from February:

Drone music uses the interplay of different musical tones and timbres to create interesting music. In doing so, it fervently avoids things like key changes, melodic riffing or even chord changes in some instances. This means that listening to a drone album is like stepping into a black hole – the lack of chorus-verse-chorus structure makes it impossible to understand fully how long the album has been spinning. After what seemed like an hour of listening time, I realised that I had only reached track three – about 15 minutes into the album.

the citradels

Walls of sound combine with poetic, softly-spoken lyrics to bring you The Citradels’ exclusive track (and our first love song?), I Love You.

It’s an interesting genre of sound. Sure, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. For those of you who spin The Velvet Underground or Nico regularly, you’ll enjoy the soft, spoken word vocals that are almost poetic in their lyricism.

We’re big fans of the drone and of The Citradels, and got in touch with them a few weeks back to chat about love and life (not really). What happened is that they sent us a track called I Love You. With a strong guitar backbone, the track manages to stay absolutely delicate and as soft as the liquid you put in with your washing to stop it from starching up. This lovely little gem didn’t quite fit in with The Citradels’ forthcoming releases and thus, it finds its home here.

The band describe the track as being mainly written and recorded in two days. They were trying to create something that sounded like “If Phil Spector had written and produced Spaceman 3”. And by George, I think they’ve done it.

Enjoy it here, and head to our Soundcloud page if you’d like to download this little sucker so that you can listen to it on the bus.