EXCLUSIVE: The Outdoor Type shares unreleased track Coming Down

There’s something romantic about a day dream. Your usual dreams can be disorienting, confusing, and at times frightening. Yet a day dream is something else. It is bound in desire, happiness and contentment. A mental projection so powerful it causes one to lose focus of reality and fall into a fantasy that is almost attainable. This little world within the real world is a sweet thing, and a man who knows how to bring these feelings to life is Melbourne’s The Outdoor Type on this exclusive track Coming Down.

Outdoor Type exclusive

The Outdoor Type shares his unreleased track Coming Down, packed full of his warm melodies and everyman storytelling. This one is for the dreamers.

Zack Buchanan is a fellow who has a talent for taking the most mundane things and injecting them with passion and vitality. He showed he was more than capable of such a thing on his debut EP which explored the dreariness of modern suburban life told through the vision of a man with a prolific sense of adventure and wonder. Never have songs about getting drunk on the weekend to forget the working week with mates felt so earnest unless it is being told by the calm tones of The Outdoor Type.

Which brings us to Coming Down. The Outdoor Type’s self-titled debut came out over a little over a month ago, yet not all the material recorded for that effort made it onto the EP. Enter Coming Down, a song that is able to walk the line between jolly foot tapper and introspective crooner. Like most of his music, Zack focuses his lyrics on the hustle and bustle of Melbourne town whilst trying to find a true sense of purpose. Yet this time around the lyrics take an insular approach. Yes there are those familiar themes of trying to find meaning in the 9 – 5 daily grind, but a sense of escape is found within his ability to look at the ordinary with an extraordinary eye.

It’s February, the roads are melting” is a fantastic image, one that instantly sucks you into the hyper realistic world. The rest of the track follows suit, the warmth of the track is almost overwhelming. Zach’s vocals is complimented with the sunny guitars and the echoing synths that linger under the mix. The addition of the harmonica is a welcome one, giving the song that dream like aesthetic; an instrument commonly associated with the traveling drifter. The song continues to build this idea of escape as each instrument makes their way onto the track.

In a world where reality is all too dull and alcohol has taken its toll, sometimes what we need is to break away and run away to the ocean. And if you can’t go their in body, there’s nothing stopping your wandering mind. A romantic notion at best, it’s one we all feel and The Outdoor Type captures those moments of fleeting day dreams with ease.