Harrison Storm is a whirlwind of life lessons

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Released on March 31 this year, Harrison Storm’s debut EP Sense of Home is a savoury bite of life lessons with a sprinkling of sensitivity, sure to contort your heart into shapes you never knew existed. Based in the Victorian seaside town of Mornington, Harrison sings with maturity beyond his 22 years. Channeling parts of modern folk artists like former The Middle East, Angus Stone or Iron and Wine, Harrison also says he is influenced by the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Bill Withers and Van Morrison.

Harrison Storm

Harrison Storm conjures a maelstrom of emotions and life lessons on his debut EP Sense of Home, a deeply personal and poetic piece of work.

After moving to the city to study at University, Harrison has gained invaluable experience playing at venues such as The Toff In Town, The Evelyn Hotel, Penny Black, The Workers Club, The Espy and Grumpy’s Green. It’s not every day that you find an artist influenced by the vibe of an entire movie, but Harrison reckons that The Morning of The Earth has shaped his music making in a big way.

The EP begins with arguably the best track on the release, Sense Of Home. You’re immediately reminded of the delicate finger picking style of UK’s Passenger. Cleanly plucked guitar and vocals that double over set the mood for the harrowing words that follow: “Tell your mother she needs to reassess herself”. Basically this is a number that you should listen to when you’re pissed off at your parents for walking in on you in the shower or when you’re shitted off at your little brother for accidentally deleting that movie you spent a good four hours downloading because he plays so much DOTA he eats up all the internet in a day.

The second track on the EP Be Yourself is when you realise that the release is a book of lessons; each song has a moral of the story as such. Harrison proclaims that his music is “Guitar, backing vocals, stompbox and beard” which is probably the most spot on description of not only this track, but also the whole release. Buttery electric guitar and echoing harmonies, Be Yourself comes to a heart wrenching climax that reduces the toughest humans to a jus of emotion.

Harrison’s musicianship is clear, most likely thanks to the fact that he was exposed to music from a young age through his mother’s guitar playing and father’s poetry. With a strong connection to kin, Harrison uses this to create a hauntingly humble body of work worthy of a couple listens at least. He’s has spent the past eighteen months boiling down and perfecting his original songs and now his long awaited EP Sense Of Home is ready for you to froth over.

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