EXCLUSIVE: Going Swimming thrash like a shark on the line with Subhuman

Swimming, a treasured Aussie past-time that is honoured on the same level as the Hills Hoist, the Victa mower and Merv Hughes’ moustache. It’s in our blood, not even a cheeky shark can keep us out of the surf. Why our national flag isn’t just a picture of a beach and a pair of longnecks crossing over is a bloody mystery. Regardless, all of the above maintain that Aussie spirit; a sense of physicality and ingenuity. Qualities which make themselves clear on Going Swiming‘s  Subhuman, a track you can hear only on your favourite musical blog.

Going Swimming exclusive Subhuman

Ahead of the release of their debut album Deadtime Stories, rowdy Melbourne surf-punks give us Subhuman, a rough and tumble to track mosh like crazy to.

Going Swimming formed in 2012 with the mantra of creating some rowdy and scruffy surf-punk. They’ve already released one EP under the name of Shark Attack and are set to drop their debut album Deadtime Stories this year. As a little preview of what to expect, the boys have shared an exclusive sneak peak that is chock full of wailing guitars, wailing vocals and no doubt wailing feet once you’re done moshing along.

A demo that was left off the album, Subhuman is more or less what you’d expect from the Melbourne four-piece. It’s raw (not just because it’s a demo) and it’s rough. Like a big game fish that you manage to get on the end of your line, it ferociously thrashes about in a frenzy. The guitars propel the song forward, a cacophony of chaos that crashes down and will leave you with head spins. While the band have often maintained they are of the surf-punk variety, here they lean more distinctly towards thrash and garage rock

Nicholas Leggatt’s vocals are a little incoherent and lost in the mix (because it’s a demo) but it works in the spirit of the song. We wouldn’t blame you if you were to compare it to I Oh You alumni DZ Deathrays‘ Shane Parsons or Violent Soho‘s Luke Boerdam. Yet there is a slew of new Aussie bands who are making their mark by utilising similar vocal work, like Sydney’s own Little HornHunch or lsd Ratkings, all of whom have some ballsy and gloriously unrefined garage rock.

To put it frankly if this is a choon that didn’t make the cut then we’re frothing to hear what did when Deadtime Stories is officially released. Until then bask in the manic glory that is Subhuman and get down to one of their shows.

Fri Oct 16​ –​ The Eastern, Ballarat w/ Claws and Organs, Tropical Snakes
Sat Oct 17​ –​ Ed​inburgh​ Castle Hotel, Adelaide ​w/ ​Walking with Thieves + ​guests​
Sun Oct 18​ –​ Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney w/ Nerdlinger + ​special guests
Fri Oct 23​ –​ The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart w/ Naked + ​guests​​
Sat Oct 31 ​-​ Mon Nov 2​ –​ Lawsfest​, Victoria​
Sat Nov 7​ –​ The Bearded Lady, Brisbane w/ White Lodge, Doom Mountain ​​
Fri Nov 13​ –​ The Workers Club, Melbourne w/ Special Guests