PREMIERE: Going Swimming drop their new track Your Sister

Do you know that in the southern states of Australia, they call swimmers ‘bathers’, like it’s still the 1930s? So it seems Victorian surf rockers Going Swimming are prioritising the normal market in calling themselves Going Swimming instead of ‘Going Bathing’, as their mother tongue probably wishes. Actually, they’d probably ideally like to call themselves ‘Going Bathing Football Club’. going swimming

Take the plunge with the grunge tinged surf rock of Melbourne’s Going Swimming, their new track Your Sister is an interesting preview of the their debut LP.

Back to the stuff that matters. Going Swimming are premiering a new song today to gift to you loyal Happyistas. It’s called Your Sister, and it’s their first release for about a year. Going Swimming came together in 2012 and released their EP The Shark Attack the following year.With their debut album due out this year, Your Sister is the first taste of what to expect.

If you like any tunes within the surf punk/surf rock/garage parentheses you’re going to drool over Your Sister, which finds itself in about four minutes and one second deep water. Even if you don’t like surf punk, surf rock or garage, at least there’s a chance you’ll like it. It’s right there, we’ve even embedded it, all you have to do it is click the link and you’ll find out.

Your Sister kicks off, well, it doesn’t really kick, it more slowly motors into life, with a very uncomplicated bass and drum combo that holds up the entire song like the bass player and drummer are the only sober members of the band. As those two start thumping along, the almost John Garcia-esque vocals of Going Swimming’s frontman Nicholas Leggatt enter the fray, mumbling lyrics enunciated with a heavy throat. Though I should point out that Going Swimming don’t possess half the sludge that those stoner rock legends Kyuss have; Going Swimming don’t do hotrods, they do surfboard-racked Datsuns.

After that short verse of lyrics is powered through, the song arrives at an odd midpoint where it seems the guitarists have become bored and wandered offstage. The rhythm section continues to plod along (actually, maybe they’ve secretly record themselves on a loop and wandered offstage too.)

Soon enough, the guitarists come to and unleash a scything section of warbling pedal work and assorted stuff you do in a garage rock solo, to close out the song. Of course it’s been planned, but the second half of Your Sister just sort of daydreams and meanders away from any notion of song structure, but it very oddly works. Kinda like that first Transformers movie.



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